Are You Dry Skin Brushing?

Following up on my blog, 'Winter Skin: How To Make Yours Fabulous', I want to share another AMAZING skin technique that you may become addicted to. It's called, 'Dry Skin Brushing'. I know it sounds a little 'out there' but stay with me... It's a traditional healing practice that has been used by skin and body lovers for decades because of its tremendous skin and whole body benefits.

Do you know that the skin is the largest organ of our body, playing a pivotal role in detoxification  and overall health? What if you discovered that 5 MINUTES A DAY of dry skin brushing could not only improve the look of your skin but the health of your WHOLE body! Here's why:

  • Beauty Promoting: Dry skin brushing exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells that clog up our pores, making our skin look and feel dry, dull and lifeless - not what we want! Daily dry skin brushing helps to restore our skin to a new level of beauty, making it softer, smoother and almost glowing.
  • Cellulite Removing: It can assist in breaking down and softening the hard fat deposits that accumulate beneath our skin - causing it to 'pucker' (I had you at cellulite, right!). 
  • Immune-boosting: It can improve our lymph circulation - our body's personal 'garbage truck' that circulates around, picking up all the toxic waste for excretion through the bloodstream. The brushing action helps to 'unclog' our lymph, stimulate and strengthen our immune system and helps to fight off inflammation, infection and disease - it's like a mini superhero!
  • Pimple Removing: Would you love to loose those unsightly spots or pimples that seem to mysteriously appear, making us want to hide our legs away even in the summer months? Dry skin brushing can be very effective in banishing those unwanted leg bumps so you will be flashing those fabulous gams at any opportunity.

Want to jump on these skin and body benefits right away? No need for an expensive visit to the spa, you can do it all in the comfort of your own bathroom! Read on: 

  • Buy: For under $20, buy yourself a high quality natural bristle (not synthetic) dry skin brush with firm bristles. My brush has a long handle so I can reach my back and other hard-to reach places. You can buy them at any good health food stores or online (Amazon has a large range). 
  • 5 Minutes: Find a time every day that works for you - I like to do it before I jump into the shower, then I can wash away the dead skin and impurities. 
  • Brushing technique: Use quick, short upward brush strokes, always moving towards the heart which is most beneficial for blood and lymph circulation.
  • Road Map: Start with the soles of your feet and work your way up the body; brush the front and back of your legs and buttocks then turn your hands over and brush your fingers, palms and then the back of each hand. Move up your arms, then over to your shoulders, neck, back (here's where the long handle helps) then to your chest (use soft pressure on your breasts). Finish with your stomach, using a clock-wise circular motion that gently stimulates your digestive tract. Avoid delicate areas (genitalia), the face or any areas which are irritated. 
  • Pressure: You should use a firm pressure but not so hard that you end up with red, irritated skin! Your skin should look 'blushed' and feel invigorated. 
  • BRUSH CARE: Like your tooth brush, don't share your dry skin brush. Wash it with warm water after use and hang it in an area where it can dry.

Let's not forget, our No.1 strategy for helping our bodies to detox is eating a healthy diet which centres around whole foods (preferably organic), supplying the vital nutrients our skin needs to flourish. Adding dry skin brushing on top... well, that just takes everything to a whole other level! So go on - take 5, and reap the amazing skin and body benefits.