People come to my classes to discover new ways to harness the power of whole foods for optimal health and vitality. It's always a fun time and you'll leave feeling confident to recreate the BRIT BEET delicious and healthy recipes at home for your friends and family. 

"Such a perfect atmosphere to learn and enjoy. All the women were lovely kindred spirits and the recipes were easy, delicious and nutritionally rich." - Heather

"You're very knowledgable and SO good at what you do!! Thank you for including me and I can't wait for my next class." - Moni

"Thanks for your softness and keeping it fun - we all love you!!" - Kelli 

"A fun way to learn about health/nutrition. Jo, you've got a great way about you." - Jen

"A very fun and interesting class. I loved all your recipes and the other gals were great! Thank-you so much for everything. I really enjoyed my Monday night classes!" - Elizabeth

"The workshop was outstanding. Your knowledge and organizational skills made it se‎amless and the hands on approach made it accessible." - Heather B. 


Creating Brit beet recipes

When I create a recipe, I have a 4 point rule - it has to taste fabulous, be highly nutritious, easy to make and visually appealing.  I like to celebrate the simplicity in each ingredient and let them shine with their nutritional abundance, just like my grandmother did with the herbs and veggies from her vegetable garden. 

Upcoming classes

If you missed my recent classes such as  'Full of Beans' and 'A Healthy Brunch Can Be Homemade' - just click on the link below and you will be the first to know.