If you are looking for an engaging and insightful wellness speaker and educator, please look no further!  As a nutritionist, chef and teacher, one of my greatest passions is to bring the gift of health to your employees.  My aim is to motivate and inspire audiences with evidence-based nutrition, health and lifestyle expertise, coupled with a warm and approachable demeanour.  I'm truly committed to the idea that small, simple steps are the key to long-term positive lifestyle changes that become part of a normal day.

Tailored to YOUR COMPANY

If you think your company is too small to bother with health and wellness initiatives, think again.  According to a market leader - Google, most things that keep their staff happy and healthy are things that any company, of any size, can replicate — if they’re willing to make employee wellness a priority. But these initiatives are not exclusive to the likes of Silicon Valley giants—more than two-thirds of U.S. employers offer them as part of their benefits packages, says a 2015 report by the Society for Human Resource Management on employee benefits. 

Whatever your company's corporate culture, I can deliver company wide or business unit specific programs to ensure employees perform at their best:

My services include: 

  • Keynote Wellness Talks (available in a 3-part series) 
  • Onsite Lunch & Learns (fun, interactive cooking and nutrition sessions)
  • Healthy Supermarket Shopping Exursions (interactive tours educating employees on how to shop for healthy and affordable food)
  • On-going virtual support 

 Below please find some of my more popular topics for Wellness Talks: 

  • Reducing workplace stress through proper nutrition 
  • Decreasing absenteeism through increased immunity
  • Boosting employee sales and productivity with powerful nutrition tools
  • Brain power - activating the brain for maximum output
  • Healthy weight management for healthier, happier employees

Healthier employees = happier employees = productive employees! Don't wait to make your employees' wellness a priority. 


"Joanna brings a remarkable range of knowledge from her background as a Certified Nutritionist and Cordon Bleu Chef. With her rare knowledge base she is able to teach us to combine culinary art and health practices to build a strong bulwark against sharply increasing diseases such as breast cancer. Her wide range of expertise makes her a leader in teaching people how to use food as a source of pleasure and health. Joanna was a speaker at the Truth About Healthy Lives Conference, Toronto, Canada. Attendees loved her dynamic and engaging way of presenting valuable information that was aimed to positively impact their health."

Carol Mark, Founder of Truth About Healthy Lives Conference & Breast Cancer Survivor

“Joanna’s talk was well-researched, engaging and full of useful nutritional and lifestyle information. She was warm and lively in her approach, and really engaged her audience. We all came away with useful nutritional recommendations that were realistic and simple to follow.  We especially loved her Strawberry Cream Dream Smoothie and Herbed Quinoa Salad which were demolished with much enthusiasm by all - even agents who had never heard of quinoa!  She helped make our Keller Williams Wellness Day a great success."    

Shirley Hanlon, Keller Williams

“Joanna’s information session was very informative and covered nutritional tips and information, which are often forgotten about on a day-to-day basis. Four Seasons’ was very happy to welcome Joanna and her expertise to our annual Wellness Day."                          

The Four Seasons’ Corporate Office