On my journey to get (and stay) fit, I've discovered a number of inspiring fitness classes that have kept my exercise engine going. 

I've been running almost exclusively for most of life but recently realized that I was hitting a plateau and limiting my opportunities to broaden both my physical abilities and mental well being.  Running alone wasn't allowing me to push my body beyond its normal limits in order for it to improve .... So I made the leap and began mixing things up with both weight lifting (to improve overall strength and tone) and high intensity interval training (HIIT) to increase stamina. 

To help make this shift, I engaged a personal trainer who had the patience and expertise to show me the way.  My trainer put me on a program that consisted of no running, no machines - just free weights (and a proper diet) and 20 minutes HIIT (2X a week) and after 3 months I saw amazing results!  I'm now totally hooked and make it a point to always incorporate both strength training and HIIT into my weekly fitness routine.  

If getting to a gym and hitting the weights feels like a daunting task (it was for me so I bought a variety of weights for home workouts) here are a few great classes that will both challenge you and leave you feeling sore in places where you had forgotten you had muscles.

Time to celebrate strength and stamina over conventional beauty!  Break a sweat, ladies and step outside your comfort zone! The benefits are well worth it. 


xo Sue