Wireless Overload Part 2 - 10 EASY Steps To Reduce Cellphone Radiation And Increased Cancer Risk For Your Kids

In Part I, I outlined some of the immediate and real dangers of cell phone radiation for our kids.  It's imperative that we don't wait for our government to protect them, we need to take action. So what can WE do to reduce cellphone radiation for our kids TODAY?

Here’s 10 EASY steps: 

  1. Ask them to make cell phone calls for emergencies only and TEXT instead of talk.
  2. If they have to make a call, make it quick! 
  3. Make sure they use the speaker-phone feature whenever possible.
  4. When talking, ensure they keep switching the phone from one side of the head to the other to minimize local exposure.
  5. During school hours, tell them to put their cell phones on Airplane Mode.
  6. Look into changing their cell phone plan - restricting the amount of data and talk time they have access to per month.
  7. Ensure they put their phones on Airplane Mode when they go to sleep at night or alternatively move their phone at least 6 feet away from their body (or even better still, keep their phone downstairs overnight).
  8. Ensure that they keep the phone away from their body as much as possible (not in their pockets or bras), by placing in their backpacks or handbags.
  9. Investigate installing a land-line/corded phone in your child’s bedroom – most of the talking goes on there, right! This could have a significant impact alone, drastically reducing radiation exposure. 
  10. And perhaps, the best advice I can give you is to hold off giving your child his/her first cell phone for as long as possible.

I know how kids are with their cell phones – I have two of my own, who fought with me about this stuff. My youngest son was the LAST person to have a cell phone in his class and he was not happy. But I was, knowing I was protecting his long-term health. Now he knows why he needs to put his cell phone on airplane mode when he goes to sleep (or leave it to the other side of the room) and when he goes into school in the morning.

By making your children aware of the potential dangers of cell phone radiation, you are giving them the tools to make more informed decisions, that could have HUGE health impacts later on in life. 

If you want to educate yourself further, please go to: http://ehtrust.org/key-issues/cell-phoneswireless/cell-phones