GLOW Green Juice

Juicing is a quick and effective way to help alkalize the body and infuse the cells with a high dose of phytonutrients, helping your skin to 'glow'! 

Nutritional Bites

Did you know your skin is the largest organ of the body and cleanses over a pound of toxins per day! All the GLOW Green Juice ingredients support beautiful skin, i.e., dandelion leaves help with liver detoxification which directly impacts the skin health, whilst celery contains silica, a trace mineral that strengthens the body's connective tissues.  


1 apple or pear
¼ of a cucumber
½ organic lemon (including the rind)
Thumb-size piece of ginger
3 Lacinato (dinosaur) kale leaves
Small fist full of dandelion stalks
4 sticks of celery (no leaves as have a very bitter taste!)

Let's Juice!

  1. Juice the apple, cucumber, lemon and ginger first, then follow up with the other veggies. I like leaving the celery till last as I find it cleans out any remaining veggie pieces that may be stuck in the tube.
  2. Drink up and get ready to 'glow'! 

The Green Goddess Detox Juice

PREP TIME: 15 MINUTES   SERVES: 1 (6/8 ounces)

Every morning, before I get into the minutia of my day, I open up the fridge and start grabbing greens and carrying them over to my juicer. Just 15 minutes of light labour produces an alkaline, antioxidant delight that starts my day off right.  Get into the habit of juicing every morning and your body will reward you with energy, vitality and a sense of wellbeing.  If you are new to juicing, this combination of the earth's bounty has a lovely clean, light taste. 


Juicing is a quick and effective way to help alkalize the body & infuse the cells with a high dose of phytonutrients. However since juicing removes all fibre,  it is important to eat two to three cups of raw vegetables daily to ensure your body gets the fibre it needs and deserves! If you can use organic produce when you juice, you will be shielding your body from a slew of chemicals and that has to feel good. 


4 sticks of celery
1/4 of a cucumber
3 Lacinato (dinosaur)  kale leaves
1 apple
1/2 lemon (including the rind)

Let's Juice!

Simply blend all raw veggies together and drink immediately! If you can put your mouth under the spout as the juice comes out, even better. :)